Brain Fart – Satan’s Drink Part II

Have to admit, I’ve been thinking a lot about automobiles lately. Now, before you jump on my case for desiring to burn fossil fuels, keep in mind that I’ve gone without for roughly 6 years (excluding the motorcycle that followed me home in August). I grew up in a family where internal combustion toys were part of your general recreational quiver; two, three, four wheels alike. In fact, I’m told I had a motorized tricycle before I could even walk. From what I understand, the routine went something like this: pedal to the metal ‘til I hit something. Followed by someone lifting trike and myself up, turning us around. Once back on the ground, it was again full throttle until a comparatively large object thwarted me once more. Repeat (for hours I’m sure).

Fast-forward a few years and I was riding dirt bikes with my parents (yes, Mom too) and going to drag races with my father. Only took but one run down the drag strip in my Dad’s 455 cubic inch Buick to make me appreciate the feeling of rapid acceleration. Fast-forward a few more years and I was gearing up for college in Pittsburgh. While in school, I discovered the novelty and freedom of living combustion-free. I really enjoyed being able to walk or ride everywhere I needed to go. It certainly was nice to know that I was keeping my carbon footprint pretty minimal as well.

Once you’re out the door and on your bike its never really all that bad. Today for instance, 35º and moderate rain. By the time I got to work my “waterproof, breathable” clothing wasn’t much of either. I was warm, but pretty damp. Days such as today make the option of driving sound pretty appealing.

As fall gave way to winter this year, I had already decided this would be my last winter without some sort of cage. Enter the precious Civic Hatchback named “George” that Maurice talked about in this Brain Fart. Well, George blew a head gasket. Due to my inability to pass up a good deal, and my desire for a good mechanical challenge, I decided to buy George and try my hand at installing a new head gasket. Could be foolish, might be a money-pit, but it’ll definitely be fun.

In short, I’m through denying my roots. I’m back on the internal combustion map, now with a dual sport and about ¾ of an automobile. Lots of greasy hands and bloody knuckles in my near future. Wish me luck.

Have no fear, I’ll still be pedaling plenty.

Can’t be that hard, right?



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