Brain Fart: Salsa Fargo in for Test!

Take a look at this nifty packaging.


  (click on photos for larger versions)

I’m sure by now most of you are familiar with the Fargo, but it’s basically a 29’er mountain bike with drop handlebars designed for adventure touring. The Fargo begs to be loaded up and paraded around the countryside with little to no regard to the surface condition of your chosen route.  Check out Salsa’s Fargo page here.

I’m still in the process of getting my fit sorted out, and getting in tune with the bike, so for the moment I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking…

Rear dropouts; ride and smile.  And, fork with mounts for a rack and fender, and two bottle cages with straps to hold your bottles.


The complete Fargo comes with Salsa’s Bell Lap cyclocross handlebars for multiple hand positions on the long haul.


Finally, a couple of shots from around town:


Snowy, icy, cold ride for my first true off road Fargo experience which consisted of a 24 minute crit with some singletrack before and after the race.  The WTB Vulpine Tires handled the conditions much better than I ever would have expected, thought the icy conditions really called for studded tires. Overall I was pretty impressed by the Fargo’s off road ability. Though the handlebars feel much better on road than off, having the bars nice and high certainly helped this bike’s off road prowess.

A couple shots from my commute.  There’s quite a collection of graffiti along the way:



Took the long way home from work for this shot.


You’ll see the complete Fargo review in a future Dirt Rag print issue, but I’ll post some additional thoughts along the way, both here in the Dirt Rag Blog and on the Bicycle Times Website.


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