Brain Fart: More of the Bag

So instead of watching one of two very good things on television right now (a PBS special with The Clash or a Penguins vs Flyers hockey game), I’m sitting here at the kitchen counter, trying to get this Brain Fart out before I go play soccer. Since I sometimes get on other staff members to get their Brain Farts in on time, it would be a poor example if I got mine done late.

So I apologize now if this makes less sense than normal for me. Ok, here we go.

Some of you might remember a post I wrote a while back about how much plastic shopping bags bother the hell out of me. If you never read it, or forgot about it, and have nothing better to do right now, you can check out that ramble here.

Say what you want about Whole Foods, aka Whole Paycheck, but I do a lot of grocery shopping there, as it beats the hell out of the local Acme or Superfresh. I will add that Whole Foods often annoys me. A lot. However, upon walking in last week, a greeter in the foyer of the store greeted me by handing me a reusable bag and said they store is getting rid of all plastic bags within the next couple months. Sweet. So upon returning home, I read a little about it here.

As I went back and looked for my original Brain Fart on my plastic bag rant, I also saw my really harsh rant on the Johnny Cash biopic, Walk the Line, starring Joachim Phoenix, and that wonderfully short and annoying Reese Witherspoon. You can read my scathing missive here.

Well, I never came public with this information, but the truth must be told. Yes, I went to see it. And even more truthfully, I humbly admit that I really liked it. It’s true.

The story of Johnny Cash is quite impressive in, and of, itself. When such a story gets the Hollywood treatment, it can go one of two ways: really good, or awful. This was really good. It was emotional, moving and rocking. Joachim Phoenix, who sang all the songs, absolutely nailed it. And as much as Ms. Witherspoon makes my skin crawl, her singing and chemistry with Phoenix was amazing.

Well, that’s about it. I need to get out of here to make these games.


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