Brain Fart: Let’s Build Some Trails Together

Hello, it’s me, Karl Rosengarth, IMBA member #784, up here on the soapbox. Just the other day I received the following great news from IMBA:

SRAM Steps Up to Support IMBA Trailbuilding Fund

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mark Eller, IMBA Communications Director

SRAM president Stan Day has announced a new initiative directed toward IMBA’s Trailbuilding Fund. SRAM will contribute $25,000 in 2008, beyond their annual dues, to support IMBA’s advocacy and trailbuilding efforts.

A leading manufacturer of bicycle components, SRAM is a longtime Above and Beyond-level IMBA supporter. "This outstanding level of commitment will allow IMBA to further leverage public and private funds for new trails," said Rich Cook, IMBA’s development director. Trail Solutions, IMBA’s professional trail design and trailbuilding arm, currently has 32 projects in 26 states planned for 2008. "The additional support will go a long way toward supporting Trail Solutions projects, and through them IMBA’s affiliated clubs," said Cook.

Day’s decision was inspired in part by Trek president John Burke’s One World Two Wheels initiative to support IMBA, and by Burke’s recent speech on bicycle advocacy at the Bicycle Leadership Conference. "It’s clear that the path to growing mountain biking is through advocacy, preservation and trailbuilding," said Day. "IMBA has been effective at preserving great trails and is continuing to build new trails to bring more riders to the sport. SRAM wants to support those efforts."

IMBA’s Trailbuilding Fund is used to enable every aspect of a trail project, from initial scoping and design, to getting volunteer groups involved and actual construction and signage. The fund is driven by member donations, with gifts from corporate partners used to leverage partnerships with agencies such as the National Park Service, the Forest Service and local governments. Additionally, SRAM’s support will be used to further trail projects at five IMBA Ride Center locations. Ride Centers are model trail systems that form the apex of IMBA’s strategy to bring new riders to the sport and showcase the state of the art in sustainable trail design and mountain biking experience.

For more information on supporting IMBA, contact development director Rich Cook.

On behalf of all mountain bikers who roll up sleeves, pick up a Pulaski and drip their sweat into their local trails, I offer a heartfelt: THANK YOU SRAM! This sort of generosity shall not go unrecognized, as long as I’ve got the Dirt Rag Blog at my fingertips.

In fact, thank you to all the companies who support IMBA, especially those at the Above and Beyond level. I encourage readers to check the list of IMBA Corporate Sponsors and take a moment to check if your favorite brands are represented. If so, use the provided web links to send them a thank you note. If not, allow me to suggest sending a note encouraging them to support IMBA.

In the meantime, I’ll keep on rolling up my sleeves and digging in the dirt. I hope you’ll join me.

Frick Park Trail Work


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