Brain Fart: Dear Santa

It being Christmas time and all, I thought Santa might want some ideas for me:

1-New off road drop bars. I’ve tried everything on the market and I’m still not happy. I know a certain company that has some pictures of what I’ve got in mind, but maybe Santa can send some elves over to merry ol’ England to rough him up a bit, and get production started.

2-Some drop bar hydraulic brake levers. I know there are quite a few options in the cable actuated arena, but I want hydros. Thanks Santa.

3-An EWR style frame. High BB (13″), short chainstays (~16.5″), lotsa stand over. And while you’re at it Santa, 650B rear wheel 29″ front. Thanks again. UPDATE: I was looking for a picture of an EWR for those not in the know. Instead I found a new EWR website!

4-Time. More of it would be great Santa. Maybe a bit longer weekend, and a few more hours after the kids area asleep. Maybe an extra 20 hours a week? Cool, you’re the man Mr. Claus.

But more seriously, I hope everyone gets to enjoy some time with their loved ones, and get a chance to relax and unwind. I know people get wound up pretty tight this time of year about stuff, but it is just stuff, and even if I never see anything on my list above, I’ll still be happy that all my siblings will be together this Christmas (all eight of us, including my brother home from Iraq).

Honestly I already got a few pairs of wool socks for Christmas, everything else is just icing on the fruit cake.


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