September 11: Germany

Editor’s note: After the September 11th attacks, I sent out a request in our eNewsletter. Here’s what it said:

"I haven’t been able to get away from the news for the past week, and I’m sure most of you feel the same way. Wherever you were, whatever you were doing, you’ll probably remember the specifics for a long time. But memories deteriorate.

While I often find myself begging (almost) for more contributions, this request is of a different nature. Please take a few minutes to reflect on the past week and write down your experiences. I want to know where you were, how you reacted, what you saw, what you didn’t see.

I want to know how this has affected people. I will try to find a way to share it with everyone; or no one, if you prefer."

What I received soon thereafter surprised me. I not only received more contributions than I expected, but I found myself coming to terms with things through the reactions of those who wrote back.

I encourage you to read each and every response, for they represent a fraction of what I received. Please remember that these are uncensored responses that might offend you. Read and digest. Perhaps it will help you too.

– Michael Browne, October 2001

By Mike McCray


On the day of the attacks it was mid-afternoon at work. I am in the military, stationed in Germany. It brought about a feeling of anger, sadness and outrage. I have been in for a while and normally expect things to occur where we lose people, but it’s military folks I’ve always expected to lose. Seeing this shit happen in the homeland is a sad day.

The Germans took to it very sorely also. They have continuously been placing flowers and candles at the gates of post as a show of respect for the American people. German MTV had an awesome message in the televisions moment of silence. The screens of all channels went blank with a few words of sympathy in German, then a very simple message at the bottom "FUCK TERRORISM." The Germans are a lot more liberal in the things they show on TV. I kind of liked it. Well, the days continue to pass.


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