Bike Shop Blues

File this one under the “Most Creative Thing I’ve Heard All Year” category. We recently received an email from Marcey Rader-Rhodenbaugh telling us about an interesting project undertaken by her husband, Kevin. It’s best I just let you read the email in its entirety:

Hi Dirtrag,
My husband and I are loyal readers and I thought you and your staff might like to hear a song he made completely out of bike parts.  He is a percussionist who manages a bike shop part-time.  When the boss was gone, he recorded himself playing tools and parts.  The horn sound is him blowing into different handlebars.  He mashed up all the sounds and made a song entirely out of bike parts!

We won’t name the shop to protect the innocent, but that bike shop should be proud to have Kevin on the payroll. I love it when bicycles and music converge, and this is the most pure example of that union.

You can listen Kevin’s song (Bike Shop Blues) by clicking “play” below (it might take a few seconds for the player to load). Kevin even went so far as to tag sections of the song with what bike stuff is being played: Chris King hub, metal cabinet, bike rack, disc brake rotor and more.

Turns out Kevin is a rather accomplished percussionist. Visit his RimsShot Drum Studios here.


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