Bike Park Coming to Chicagoland

Back in September, I told you about Bikes Belong awarding a $10,000 grant to help the western chapter of the Chicago Area Mountain Bikers (CAMBr West) construct the Plainfield Bike Park. Recently, the CAMBr website, released details of the park design (which includes a pump track, skills section and dirt jumps)…

This is the design that is included in the agreement between CAMBr West and the Plainfield Park District (we are on schedule to have the agreement signed by the end of 2007.) The design is the result from hours of research, years of experience, and a lot of hard work—about 99.9% of the credit for design goes to Kevin Marley. Kevin did a great job designing a park that can be enjoyed by any bike rider of any skill level—from dirt jumpers and freeriders, to BMX’ers, to XC riders, and anyone of any age that can ride—basically anyone who wants to improve their overall bike handling skills. The mission of the park is to create a new riding destination that caters to the widest array of cyclists and encourages new riders to join the sport.

Want a bike park in your town? Maybe you need to stop waiting for Santa Claus to jam one down your chimney. Have a look at what can be done by an mountain bike access organization that rolled up their sleeves and got ‘r dun:

cambr bike park


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