BIG DUMMY-in da house

After years designing, testing, riding, redesigning, retesting, reriding Surly is just about ready to release their cargo bike, the Big Dummy. It is based around the XtracycleSport Utility Bicycle concept.

We’ve had a pre-production sample in house for a little over a week. Actually it has spent little time here, as I rode it home the day it arrived with my commuter bike strapped to the side. I’ve commuted most days on it since then, and put it to the test on back to back offroad days; a Punk Bike pre-ride and the Punk Bike Enduro itself.

I’ve owned an Xtracycle-converted bike for a few years, but until now I’ve never had a long-tail bike on real off road terrain. It gets around surprisingly well in the woods, but most of my normal instincts are wrong when riding something with the wheelbase of a Mini Cooper. Also, riding off road with a sixth keg of beer is possible, even fun for short distances.

Xtracycle is sending some ads-ons that should further expand the capabilities of this already very functional ride. Stay tuned for more updates.

Big Dummy


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