Bicycle Times Reviews Raleigh Clubman and Manhattan Green

Issue #2 of our sister publication, Bicycle Times, is on the streets. To give readers a taste of the flavor, we’ve posted the following two bike reviews from issue #2 on the Bicycle Times website.

Raleigh Clubman
Eric McKeegan
What makes a bike practical? There are plenty of ways to debate the definition of practical when it comes to bikes, but my criteria are the ability to handle tires over 25mm wide, full fender clearance, and the ability to carry stuff, usually on a rack. The Clubman passes all three tests. The brakes have room for at least 32mm tires, 28mm with fenders, and the frame has mounts for fenders and a rack. Seems simple, but the list of drop bar-equipped road bikes that have these three features is tiny compared to the overall racing-influenced road market. Continued…
Manhattan Green
Karen Brooks
Amid the Manhattan line of retro cruisers, inspired by a swath of American classics from the Schwinn Phantom to the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, the Green stands out as a throwback to a different place—England, the home of the venerable Raleigh Sport three-speed utility bike. The Green is essentially a tribute to the basic, sturdy, reliable transportation used every day in the mid-20th century by all but the upper classes in Great Britain and elsewhere. “Green” comes from the fact that this basic transportation is gaining new value for its environmental friendliness, not its color, as the bike only comes in black. That’s fitting for what is really a serious bike and not an eye-catching bauble. Continued…


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