Baggie shorts, hairy legs, and all

The mountain-biker love for “Hummer” gear continues.

Endura, the British company that offers at least one jacket in the elusive but extraordinary fabric eVent (it’s said to be up to 80 percent more breathable than other micromembrane fabs like Gore-Tex, and I think it’s the bee’s knees) is now offering a baggie MTB short called the Humvee.

Here it is.


Not having test-driven a pair myself, I can’t speak to quality or comfort, but I very much LOVE the trend of putting back pockets BACK onto baggie shorts.

After all, isn’t the whole point of baggies that you don’t feel like such an overexposed, under-endowed dweeb at the bar after the ride, in your “plum smugglers”?

So how was I going to carry my wallet around in the last generation of baggies?


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