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2008 Fuel EX9: Size Matters!

November 23, 2007 Karl Rosengarth 0
In my previous post I talked about the fact that Trek offers the Fuel EX lineup two different "medium" sizes, and how I’ve always been a bit of a tweener—able to ride either a medium or a large bike, but often feeling that neither size fit me perfectly. The more I ride this (18.5") bike, the happier I am that larger Trek offer it in "multiple medium" sizing. The 18.5" bike fits me like a dream.
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Under Test: Trek Fuel EX9

November 5, 2007 Karl Rosengarth 0
With a tip of the helmet (and any required apologies) to The Godfather, may he rest in peace:

Come here sister
Papa’s in the swing
He ain’t too hip now
but I can dig that new breed bike;
He ain’t no drag
He’s got a brand new bag

Please allow me to introduce my current test bike, a brand-spanking-new 2008 Trek Fuel Ex9.

Trek Fuel EX9
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Vicious Cycles Motivator

October 1, 2000 Karl Rosengarth 0

Just what is a 29" inch mountain bike? It’s a mountain bike designed to use 700c rims. When you install WTB’s 700c Nanoraptor mountain tire, the tire’s outside diameter measures 29".

By Karl Rosengarth

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