Inside Line: Yeti releases two women’s bikes: the Yeti Beti ASRc and SB5c


The women’s bike market just got a another serious player in the form of Yeti Cycles.


Taking an approach that mirrors Santa Cruz’s Juliana women’s bikes, Yeti’s new Beti line utilizes existing frame designs, adapted for women with distinct finishes and component selection.

Yeti selected two of its most popular carbon fiber models for the Beti line, the ASRc and the SB5c. All touch points are changed, with a WTB Diva saddle, narrower handlebars and slimmer grips. Frames get a gloss finish and very subdued graphics.

2016_Yeti_SB5c_Beti_Frame_1 2016_Yeti_ASRc_Beti_Frame_2

Yeti explains the name “Yeti Beti”:

The first known use of ‘Yeti Betty’ came from a Yeti freak in Keystone, Colorado. She was so attached to her bike that she referred to herself as a Yeti Betty. She encouraged her friends to join the Tribe and soon there were a slew of Bettys spreading the gospel. Shortly thereafter, Amy Thomas, who ran a team called the Betis, approached us seeking support for the team. Naturally, they became the Yeti Betis and have been flying the flag ever since. The Yeti Betis were instrumental in putting together our Yeti Beti line: they advised on colors, graphics, and component choices. They’re also, well…women. Turns out that’s pretty important.


Bikes will be available June 25, 2015. More info in the Q & A below and on Yeti’s website.


Yeti Beti ASRc / XO1 – $5,799


Yeti Beti SB5c / XO1 – $6,899


Some Q &A provided by Yeti:

Why did Yeti choose to use an existing frame platform rather than build a
women’s specific frame?

We felt our current platform fits and performs very well for women. For example, our ASRc / Yeti Beti has 27.5 wheels on the extra small and small sizes and 29” wheels on medium and large. This was done, in large part, to accommodate women riders. We also offer extra small and small in the SB5c / Yeti Beti and since it’s already built with 27.5 wheels, it fits women very well.

Our fundamental bike design remained unchanged on the Yeti Beti bikes. We know from experience core riders appreciate the performance and attention to detail regardless of gender. We sought to make meaningful adjustments like customizing crank lengths according to frame size and, perhaps most importantly, tuning the rear suspension for better performance. The rear shocks are valved for lighter riders – they have less rebound damping so the suspension doesn’t pack-up when the going gets rough. This results in a bike that is more efficient going uphill and more controlled when descending.

Do you guys have a lot of women on staff?

We have two women on staff. We’re a small company, but the ratio is still a little out of whack. We work so closely with an array of different women closely associated with Yeti that it really feels like they’re part of the family. We’re lucky enough to benefit from constant dialogue from all their different perspectives.

Do you envision the Yeti Beti line growing in the future?

We know that entering any new bike category takes time and commitment. We wouldn’t have taken this step if we weren’t committed to growing the line, but our underlying commitment will always be to the women’s community and creating products that resonate with them. We will continue to listen to their feedback and use it to shape bikes that suit their needs and deliver the best possible riding experience.

How does the apparel line fit into the overall plan?

The bike and apparel lines are very complementary. Performing your best on the trail depends on a variety of factors, and having high-quality equipment that fits women and functions well is essential. It goes without saying that there has been a void here, and we sought to address multiple aspects by having a coordinated apparel and bike line. There’s nothing wrong with looking good, too.

In fact, when we started making women’s specific apparel three years ago, people told us we were crazy. Many had tried and failed. But our women riders encouraged us and were very helpful in helping us create the line. It was due to their input that our shorts were created and have become so popular. We also had a woman running the entire apparel program at that time, which was critical
to the line’s success.

You’ll see many color and branding similarities between the bikes and apparel. In fact, our SB5c / Yeti Beti is coral based on the huge response we got when we introduced the coral Norrie shorts.