WTB introduces new grip/handlebar fitting

Standards. The word has little meaning in the bicycle world anymore as companies continue to reinvent the proverbial wheel in search of better performance. The new line of PadLoc grips from WTB mount to a special handlebar (or modified handlebar) and eliminate rotating or slipping thanks to the integrated subframe.


Basically the system works by lopping off an angled portion of the handlebar where the stresses are minimal and using the flat surface to prevent rotation. The extra depth of the grip material adds to comfort too, WTB says. The brand says it was prompted to design the interface after its professional team riders were experiencing grips slipping during the most crucial moments of their races.

There are two ways to run the new PadLoc grips: Park Tool has introduced the SGI-7, a fitting for the existing adjustable saw guide that allows shop mechanics to modify existing handlebars. SRAM has also introduced PadLoc compatible versions of the 750 mm Jerome Clementz signature carbon fiber handlebar and a 780 mm aluminum Boobar. Both models ship with the grips already installed.


WTB will offer six different versions of the PadLoc grips, each in different colors and each selling for $34.95 when they go on sale in September. There is a 28 mm Thinline version, a 30 mm standard version, a 33 mm clydesdale version, plus a winged version called Wingnut and an ergonomic version called Ace. Finally, the standard version will also be available for SRAM GripShift users.

What’s your take? A problem solver or a solution in search of a problem? Do your grips slip? Let us known in the comments.