Review: White Industries XMR hubs

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Tester: Eric McKeegan
Prices: Rear — Silver $332, Black $337, Colors $352; Front — Silver $169, Black $174, Colors $189

Nice rims need nice hubs. White Industries has some nice, new hubs in these XMRs. Designed to handle any standard out there for road, mountain and cyclocross bikes, including options for Boost spacing and the rarely seen 12 mm front thru-axle.

The cassette body is titanium in SRAM XD, Shimano or Campy patterns, with either 24 or 48 point engagement options. I tested the Shimano 48 point option.

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These are good looking hubs, and are claimed to be the lightest six-bolt hubs White Industries has ever manufactured. The fit and finish are top-notch, and the bearings spin incredibly smoothly. The cassette body was very quiet for a high-engagement hub, which is a huge plus in my book. Compared to other U.S. manufacturers these hubs are competitive in terms of price and performance.

Color options are silver, black, blue, gold, red, pink and purple; plenty of options to match or clash with the rest of the bits on your bike. There are few high-end Boost hub options on the market right now, so take a look here if you need some Boost bling for a new Boost bike.

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White Industries also makes CLD hubs which are almost identical, save for center lock disc mounts replacing the ISO six-bolt standard.

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