Video: Trail Boss—Bitterbrush, Lyons, CO

Trail Boss is a video series produced by Jeff Lenosky and documents his attempts to ride some of the most technical trails he can find. A veteran rider with a 20-year professional career and three Observed Trials U.S. National Championships to his name, Lenosky uses his skills to ride the unrideable.

In his latest episode, Jeff tackles Bitterbrush in Lyons, CO, here’s what he had to say about it: “I had been hearing lots of great stories about Hall Ranch and the Bitterbrush Trail so I decided to check it out. One of the things I loved about this trail aside from the technicality of the climb was the unlimited options you have on the way up. Most of the sections in the rock garden are fairly wide and all rock so you can make the trail easier or harder depending on your ability.”

Look for Jeff to take on a new challenge every six weeks and encourage fellow riders to focus on tech riding as well. When you ride an entire trail you may feel like a Boss, but without the proper skills Mother Nature can quickly remind you who’s really in charge. The series aims to give you the information necessary to maintain the upper hand when things get out of control.