Video: Patagón by Montanus

Patagón is a new short film from Montanus that shares a bike and packraft adventure in a remote area of Southern Patagonia, where, between the Austral Andes and the huge glacial lakes, the traditional Argentine culture of the gauchos still survives.

The endless and arid steppe, the wonderful and jagged peaks of the Andes, the huge fresh water basins with their incredible colors, the awesome glaciers that fall into the deep depressions of the Cordillera, the extreme and changing weather conditions, and the incessant and exhausting wind make Patagonia one of the few places in the world that is able to convey the feeling of being on the edge of the Earth. A slight and lonely stretch of the South American continent, conditioned by the turbulent intersection of two oceans, and located in the southern hemisphere where medieval imagination has positioned monsters and fantastic creatures. “Patagón” is the name by which Ferdinand Magellan called the natives of that region, which in his eyes appeared as giants. Dressed in animal skins, devouring raw meat, he likened them to the figure of “Gran Patagón”, a huge wild creature of whom he read about in a chivalric novel at the time. Patagonia is still a “wild creature” where the guanacos, the pumas, the Andean condors, the flamingoes, the crested caracara, and other species populating it share this boundless land with the Gaucho, proud guardians of an ancient rural culture. Almost five centuries after the voyage of the Portuguese explorer, the “Tierra de Gigantes” keeps alive the call of its wild lands, fueling the desire for exploration in one of the most beautiful and remote corners of the planet.

PATAGÓN by Montanus from MONTANUS on Vimeo.