Tricks For Treats at The Wheel Mill

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas. It’s Halloween! Although I’m sure there is a multitude of stores and commercials ready to start pumping Jolly ‘Ol St. Nick in our face as soon as the last peanut butter cup is dropped into a candy bag. What’s better than a gang of ballerinas, a family of  Minions, the Joker, and a cover band containing Morpheus from the Matrix and Mia Wallace on guitar? That’s right all of those characters shredding our local bike park The Wheel Mill for their annual Halloween Jam.

Magnum PI or Jeff Spicolli? Either way he’s got ups!

Kids of all ages enjoyed an evening of sugary treats and lofty airs over the wooden jumps. A band cranked out tunes on the second floor and just like every other aspect of the world, those kids played incredibly well. Speaking of incredible kids, as mention before there was a gang of BMX ballerinas there all clad in pink tutu’s shredding like you wouldn’t believe. I’m sure in between shutter actuation my jaw was hanging to the floor in complete amazement. I can only dream of one day riding a bike in such a fashion.

The Nutcracker ain’t got nothing on these kids.

Local BMX heroes the Halahans were there putting on a demonstration of style and amplitude in the woods room. Some old guys from the PUSH trails were reliving the glory days and the brothers Potoczny were making sure the groms were all having a good time.

The eldest of the Halahan clan with some big-time air and style.

While the Halloween Jam is but once a year The Wheel Mill is open seven days a week for your two-wheeled enjoyment.

Hey! You’re in my shot kid!
Silly rabbit tricks are for kids eh err, right, carry on then.
Minions everywhere!
Mia Wallace with licks like Hendrix!
Vermont trail building legend Knight Ide getting some laps in on his way back from Tenessee
Which way to Swan Lake?
Mark Potoczny, on a steel horse he rides.
Remember all I’m offering you is the truth. Nothing more
The bat mobile lost a wheel and the Joker got away! Happy Halloween everyone.