This brand new burly Burley trailer is carrying its weight with Eurobike Award

Just as Burley is rounding the corner into middle age with their 40th anniversary, they received a wonderful and deserved present of being recognized with this year’s Eurobike Award in the Accessories category. Their new Coho XC is a single wheel cargo trailer; it transitions to each of your bikes for all your cargo needs, regardless of road conditions. With suspension and three tire size options, you will never need to worry how to get from point A to point B with all your stuff. You will be able to choose from 16×1.25 road tires, 16×1.75 off-road tires, and 16×3 plus tires for an especially muddy, snowy, or just plain gnarly trail. This bike trailer will carry your groceries on freshly paved (or pocked with potholes) streets, and then switch over to your mountain bike to take those groceries into the woods for an epic camp cookout using their (unfortunately named) Burley Ballz™ mount.

Dirt Rag had the opportunity to test one of these burly Burley trailers, and we’ve used it for everything from carrying art supplies and camping gear to hauling fire wood. Keep an eye out for our in-depth review prior to the Coho XC’s release this fall.