The New Santa Cruz V10 and Reserve DH Wheels

Time to get stoked for the next season of downhill. Santa Cruz has just released the latest version of their V10 model and the new Reserve wheels for DH.

During the 2018 UCI MTB World Championships, Lenzerheide, Switzerland.

 The latest version was a project two years in the making, the newest V10 has arrived—but wait, there are two! As Santa Cruz developed the 29er race bike for the Syndicate, it became apparent that not all riders would fit on or prefer the 29” bike, so they made a 27.5 bike, too. To be clear, it’s two completely different frames—the production versions of both bikes were developed in parallel, and they’re both the recipients of two seasons of high-level suspension testing and tuning under the Syndicate.

In addition to the two bikes, Santa Cruz is also introducing the Reserve DH wheels the Syndicate has been racing on all season. They’re tough as hell, and carry the same lifetime warranty as the other wheels and bikes. They’re only available aftermarket, and the wheelsets will be built with Syndicate-spec Chris King hubs. We here at Dirt Rag have had the pleasure of riding some of the 27 and 30 versions of the Reserve wheels and they are an absolute pleasure to ride.

If you are the type of person who needs and or wants the same the set up that the pros have, nows your chance to get one or two of the hottest DH rigs on the circuit.

Enjoy some of the finer lines of the V10 below and be sure to visit Santa Cruz’s website for all of the details on the bikes and the new Reserve Wheels.