Shred the vote!

Hey there, Dirt Rag Nation! If you’re a United States citizen and have the ability to vote, today is a great day. It’s like the public policy version of choosing teams in gym class, but way less embarrassing and way more important. This is the time when we choose the people to play on our teams, who will hopefully be the best at passing, scoring, and working as a team.

Imagine if you were in gym class and had the privilege of being team captain and instead of choosing all those great, capable players who always saw three plays ahead, you let the other captain choose everyone for their own team? Or imagine if you had a co-captain, but that co-captain was told that they were ineligible to vote; you would feel doubly obligated to choose the best players and think hard about who those players would be who would best play the game the way you want it to be played.

That’s basically voting in America. You know, kinda sorta.

If you haven’t voted already, and you have the ability to do so, get on out there and choose your team! Gooooooooo America! USA! USA! USA!