Sea Otter Classic: Growlers, bad hombres and more

The Sea Otter Classic is more than just a mecca for bikes. Going out and finding those non-bike items is one of my personal goals.

DRINKTANKS offers two sizes of growlers; a 64oz and a 128oz. They are double wall insulated, come in multiple color choices and they offer a Keg Cap Accessory Kit. The kit comes with a cap, CO2 injector, and two threaded 16 gram CO2 cartridges that are interchangeable between 64oz and 128oz growlers.

Sock Guy always puts the fun in socks. From gnomes to sharks to Bad Hombres.

Roof top tents are continuing to grow. Tepui Tents has been at it for a while. After crawling inside, I realized it is surprisingly roomy but as a woman, I want to know if a pee funnel trajectory is going to clear the vehicle. We want to know if it is worth the money, so look for an upcoming full length review.

These images are of the Kukenam SKY, one of Tepui Tents top sellers. In this more deluxe and rugged model, you will find several zippable windows, a condensation mat, internal pockets and a diamond plate base.

Returning to the Sea Otter Classic is Bixby and her human. Everybody requires a little dog therapy. Thanks Bixby.

Look for more Sea Otter Classic coverage soon!