Salsa builds prototype full-suspension fatbike frame

Few brands have embraced the fat bike as much as Salsa and its QBP siblings, Surly and 45NRTH. Today Salsa posted on its blog that they’ve built some prototype full-suspension fatbikes.

Obviously the frame and swingarm must be specially designed, but sourcing a fat-compatible fork will likely involve some custom work as well.

They seem to be pretty adamant that these are far, far from being production ready and really just an idea worth trying at this point, but we can dream…..

Update: We’ve got some more details for you. Seems the frame is based around a Spearfish design, with an obviously highly modified swingarm. The bottombracket shell is the standard width PF30, since there is no such thing as a 100mm PF30. Pictured here is an Endomorph tire on a Rolling Daryl rim, but there’s no word if it will clear the even bigger tires. Might be overkill.

As for the forks, they’re not sure what will work yet. They said they might try modifying a Cannondale Lefty fork, as others have done.

What do you think? Would big tires pair well with full-squish?

More: See more photos and more details of the fatbike prototype here.