RockShox Trail forks updated: Pike, Lyrik, Yari, Revelation, RS-1


The Pike sits up there with the original RS-1 and Marzocchi Z1 as a fork the changed the way we ride bikes. But even great things can get better and it was time for some updates and RockShox doesn’t seem to disappoint here.


With the Lyrik taking over the longer travel duties, the Pike sees a reduction in weight and shorter travel. This seems to align the Pike more directly in competition with the Fox 34 which has seen a lot of spec on mid-travel bikes with its recent improvements in chassis, damper and air spring. Travel is up to 160 mm for 27.5 wheels, and 140 mm for 29 inch. All forks will clear 2.8 tires. Weight drops by 150 grams.

The Charger 2 damper is an update to the well-loved Charger damper. There is a wider range of low-speed compression damping adjustment in Open mode, a slightly less firm Pedal setting, and re-tuned Firm settings as well. For those into remotes, RockShox’s OneLoc remote can control both the fork and compatible rear shock with one lever.

The air spring gets the DebonAir treatment. This is a larger volume negative spring that allows the intial travel to be very plus while still providing mid and end stroke support that is needed for hard-charging riders.

Finally, the post mount brake is set for 180 mm rotors out of the box, no need for adapters (or 160 mm rotors).


While the Yari filled the role as a less expensive option to the Lyrik, the Revelation was always a pretty obvious drop in performance from the Pike, with 32 vs 35 mm stanchions. Perhaps feeling some hear from Fox’s entry-level 34 with GRIP damper, the Revelation gets a full makeover to a more serious trail fork.

The most obvious are those bigger stanchions, but the DebonAir spring makes it way into the new fork as well. The Motion Control damper with Rapid Rebound is tuned to match the Charger damper as closely as possible. With an MSRP of $650, I expect to see a lot of these spec’ed on 2018 bikes.


The Lyrik gets the same DebonAir and Charger 2 damper upgrades as the Pike, including remote options. You’ll also see room for 2.8 tires, and both wheelsizes get travel up to 180 mm. Yes, you read that correctly, 180 mm travel single-crown 29er fork with room for a 29×2.8 tire. Egads.


Not surprisingly, Yari gets the DebonAir update but sticks with Motion Control for damping to keep price in check. MSRP starts at $700.



While this fork got a lot of spec its first year, it isn’t seen as often on new bikes these days. Not as light as modern cross-country race forks, and not really in the same league as trail forks like the Pike and Lyrik, it still cuts a distinct profile that matches well with many modern carbon bikes.

The XC version of the Charger 2 from last year’s SID makes it way into the RS-1. Price is still stratospheric; starting at $1680, but there really isn’t anything quite like this fork on the market.

All forks should be ready to buy this month (April 2017).