Road Runner Bags Large Point ‘N’ Shooter

If you are anything like me then you have likely tried every configuration for toting your camera along with you on rides. Slings, backpacks, handlebar bags, jersey pockets, I have tried them all. When Road Runner Bags approached us about trying out some of their offerings I jumped at the chance to throw the large Point ‘N’ Shooter on my handlebars.

If you are unfamiliar with Road Runner, they are a custom bag maker based in Los Angeles, CA. That’s right, good old American made products. Road Runner makes everything from small accessory bags like the Point ‘N’ Shooter to colossal messenger packs like the Americano (which you can read about here). Roadrunner bags come in a variety color and pattern options and are made of 1000D Cordura so they are tough as hell.

Upon mounting the Point ‘N’ Shooter to my handlebar and stem, I was already impressed. The three-point harness set up keeps everything in its right place. From my current mirrorless set up to my trusty old Pentax K1000, there was plenty of room for big body cameras. While there is plenty of room, don’t go thinking you’re going to be riding off to the backcountry with your wild animal documenting set up and a 500mm lens on your Canon 1DX. The Point ‘N’ Shooter is big but not that big. Which may leave you wondering; just how big a camera can I fit into this bag? Well, I’m glad you asked. I was able to easily fit a 5D mkii with a 50mm lens with no issue, but I found myself throwing my old film camera more than any other in the Point ‘N’ Shooter when I would head out for test rides.

What I really like about the Point ‘N’ Shooter is that, unlike a lot of the pouch style handlebar bags, it is specifically made for hauling cameras. The bag comes with a solid 0.25” of closed cell foam to protect your gear from banging against the handlebar and frame. I mounted the bag up to both my drop bar touring bike and my hardtail mountain bike and it was equally as solid on both bikes. With the three-point harness system, there was absolutely no movement from the bag when loaded and, with the weight loaded behind the bars, it never compromised handling. Besides hauling cameras, the Point ‘N’ Shooter is a perfect bag for throwing just about whatever you want to take with you on a ride. Spare tubes, tools, snacks, large water bottles, heck a bottle of wine a can of beans, really whatever, get creative.

Whether you are planning on a little bike trip or you just like cruising down to the main street to catch the people shuffling around in the evening light with your camera, I can’t recommend the Road Runner Point ‘N’ Shooter enough. It will keep your camera secure, safe, and at your fingertips so you can catch those fleeting moments in time.