Review: WTB Ci24 carbon rim

WTB rims WI hubs-1

Tester: Eric McKeegan
Price: $550 (each)

Carbon rims are becoming more and more commonplace on high-end bikes. They aren’t cheap, and these WTBs are no different, although they are on the more affordable side of the bell curve in regard to carbon rim prices. Aluminum WTB rims have proven themselves over the years; carbon from a company with a good track record seems like a great idea.

WTB sticks to the basics with these rims, with the only options being wheel size, either 29 or 27.5, both with 32 spoke holes. Weights are (claimed) 390 grams in 27.5 and 430 grams in 29. Inner width is 24 mm.

What is less obvious are things like molded spoke holes (not drilled after laying up the fiber) that are angled to follow the spoke direction and WTB’s TCS tubeless rim profiles. I had zero issues setting these up tubeless with Continental and Schwalbe tires, even with a floor pump.

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The Ci24s exhibited all the things carbon wheels should: light weight, stiffness, strength and understated bling. They are slightly more harsh feeling than low-profile alloy rims, but less so than some carbon rims I’ve ridden.

The inner width is starting to sound narrow these days, but I prefer the shape of most 2.3-2.4 inch tires on rims around this wide. More square, but still some roundness. It isn’t surprising as most of these tires are designed for rims this wide.

Carbon rims are an investment, and the Ci24 is worthy of your hard-earned cash. Developed over two years on the brutal enduro racing circuit, WTB (and I) think these things can stand up to whatever kind of riding you care to dish out.

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