Review: Atomik Onyx Wheelset

For our recent Canfield EPO build, we went with carbon Atomik 29 AM/Enduro Mod-Hook rims laced up to Antifreeze Green Onyx hubs using Sapim Race spokes and Sapim Polyax nipples. The wheelset was beautifully handcrafted and customized by Hubsessed Cycle Works out of Ogden, Utah.

DR188 wheels-3

Not only do these wheels look incredible, the rims are solid and the hubs are standout performers. The Atomik Mod-Hook rims withstood everything I could put them through. That’s a good thing, because we’ve been hearing about some failures with its hookless rims.

Dusty Ott, owner of Hubsessed, assured us the Mid-Hooks would hold up – as they have. Each Mid-Hook weighs in at 420 grams, has an internal width of 24 mm, and features 32 directionally drilled spoke holes which help alleviate stress on the rim.

DR188 wheels-4

The star of the show is definitely the Onyx hub. Onyx uses a Sprag clutch which provides virtually instant engagement, almost non-existent drag and silent operation. Sprag clutches aren’t some new technology though; they have been in car and truck automatic transmissions, helicopters and motorcycles for years.

The clutch is made up of steel wedges, or Sprags, which are arranged to allow free movement of the freehub in the forward direction, but prohibit movement in the opposite direction. This is known as backstopping – and it works wonderfully. There’s nothing like feeling your hub lock and engage right when you need it – truly confidence inspiring.

Canfield EPO-1

Shelling out $1,800 is in line with today’s carbon wheelset prices, but I think you also get a nice bonus with the Onyx hubs. Hubsessed did a great job with these, and if you are in the market for a well-built wheelset I recommend you look them up.

Price: $1,800
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