Press Release: Kona unveils new 2019 Process G2 lineup

Ah, late summer, the early winter of the bike industry, when companies take stock in what they did over the past 12 months, what worked and didn’t. This is the time when new bikes are unveiled, old bikes are rehashed, and, hopefully, poorly designed models are left for people to resell on the internet for generations to come. With Kona’s extensive Process lineup for 2019, they have taken a machine that worked and made it better, and made it more. This new version of popular shredder line Process is more a reimagining than a rehash. With so many builds to choose from, if you’re in the market for a new bike, this could be a great place to start looking.

Of course, components always get switched around and upgraded to the best options in a price point that are available in that year. The big plus for these bikes is the release of a 29″ carbon option, which complements and expands upon the popular Process 27.5″ of 2018. The aluminum Process 153 frames are also a tad lighter, making the more affordable option feel like less coin both to buy and to ride. Check out Connor Fearon getting rad at the Maydena Bike Park in Tasmania, Australia to get an idea of what this bike can do. In these photos and video, he’s taking the Process CR DL 29 through the ringer.

The All New Carbon Process 29 – With Connor Fearon from Kona Bikes on Vimeo.