New: Canfield Brothers Crampon Mountain Pedals

Canfield Brothers released a new pedal in their thinner-than-thin Crampon line, the Mountain.


The Mountain pedals are a melding of the Classic, which appeared in 2011, and the newer Ultimate pedals. The Mountains have the same 6 mm leading edge as seen on the Ultimates, but feature a full-length axle that is 4 mm wider than the Ultimates’ shorter-length 10 mm axle.

The increase in width is due to the use of DU bushings on the inner side as well as three sealed bearings on the outer, which is how the Classics were designed. According to Don Stefanovich from Canfield, this allows the pedal to withstand more load on the inner side, wear longer and is easier to seal.

Canfield Crampon Pedals Action

The Crampon Mountain pedals measure 112 mm x 106 mm, weigh 400 grams and come with 10 pins installed on each platform surface. There are two additional drilled holes in the center of the pedal which will allow you to add one more pin to each side if you need some additional grip.

While we are talking pins, all the pins are removable from either side of the pedal. If you shear off the top of the pin, or just plain mangle it so that your Allen wrench is rendered useless, you can still remove the pin by accessing the protected socket through the other side of the pedal. It’s an incredibly useful design found on all the Crampon models.

Canfield Pedals

I’ve had the pedals out for a few rides and have no complaints. Stiff, grippy, comfortable and super thin. I like the larger platform and more user friendly axle design of the Mountain Crampons, so I’m interested to see how they hold up over time. Judging by their apparent craftsmanship, I doubt I’ll have any issues. They run a cool $149 and you can check ’em out at