New Bikepacking Bags From Revelate Designs

Revelate Designs ended 2018 by releasing a few new bags geared towards the ultra-endurance off-road racers. Made from lighter materials than previous models but still tough enough to answer the demands of ultra-races, off-road weight weenies will no doubt curious about these new offerings from Revelate Designs.

With the rise of ultra mountain bike events like the Tour Divide and the Colorado Trail Race over the past decade, Revelate Designs answered the call for race-specific gear with a new series of ultralight bikepacking bags. Constructed with Dyneema® fabrics, the series includes the modular Pronghorn handlebar system and the Cutthroat frame bag, but will be expanded in 2019.

Revelate designer and ultralight racer Dusty Eroh personally tested the Pronghorn on the rugged 750-mile Arizona Trail Race. A stripped-down carrying system for the minimalist bikepacker, the Pronghorn employs an integrated fiberglass stay that offers stability and keeps your load from shifting even while you navigate technical singletrack.

Revelate offers the waterproof Pronghorn drybag in three sizes: 7.5 liters for short, warm-weather rides, 14 liters for versatile, mid-range trips, and 23 liters for winter ultra races.

Ultra endurance mountain bike racer and Revelate ambassador Kurt Refsinder helped Eroh develop the bag.

“From a racing perspective, these lighter, more svelte bags have facilitated riders being able to ride faster and more efficiently on rough and technical backcountry routes,” Refsinder explains. “We now see racers pushing limits more than ever, sleeping less, stopping less, and being inspired by ever-lowering bars.”

Also due to high demand by Revelate’s core customers, Cutthroat Frame bags were built specifically for the Salsa Cycles Cutthroat model. These fully featured, durable Dyneema® fabric frame bags utilize the bike’s braze-ons for mounting.


“The Cutthroat stands out as being the most purpose-built bikes for going as fast as possible off road, day after day,” says Revelate Designs owner and founder, Eric Parsons. “We built these frame bags with the best materials possible to really match the purpose of the bike and ambitions of the rider.”

Pronghorn available in sizes SM-MD-LG, MAP $145-$160. Made in USA:

Cutthroat frame bags available in sizes S-XL. MAP $185. Made in USA: