Muc-Off Vice

For your Friday we present a little video fun from our friends over at Muc-Off. With a little help from Ben Deakin, Muc-Off pays tribute to one of the greatest detective shows of all time.

Based on the pristine beaches of Sandbanks in Dorset, this could be one of Muc-Off’s best videos ever – with no discernible plot or actual riding.

Detective Deaks is an urban legend. An ex-marine moulded by a military background from the deserts of Afghanistan, after getting shot in the foot, Deaks found a new calling. Keeping his home turf free from crime, by ANY means necessary.
To the untrained eye, Deaks looks like any other suave dude.

But the pristine white suit and charismatic smile is just a ruse. To keep the criminals guessing, Deaks goes undercover as an MTB thrasher.
Complete with Tom Selleck ‘tache, this is the perfect introduction to the Deakinator’s 2019 signature helmet and custom DMR DH bike.

This ain’t Miami pal. This is Dorset.