Mixtape Monday Volume VII

I mean, sure, we had suggested at the beginning that Mixtape Monday would fall on the first Monday of each month. But months were just created by liberal astrologers as a conspiracy to confuse Julius Caesar, and Monday is the worst day of the week so why rush things? It’s not that things are totally loosey goosey over here at Dirt Rag Headquarters, but sometimes we just have better things to do than bother our friends. Other times, we bother our friends quite a bit but then forget to upload the link they sent us.

October’s playlist, Mixtape Monday Volume 7, is brought to you by Evan “Soupie” Robinson. Soupie has been a staple in the Pittsburgh bike scene since the early 2000s. He built me my first adult mountain bike (meant for actually riding muddy, rooty trails and not getting weird in arroyos), took me on early morning gravel and cobblestone rides when I first moved to Pittsburgh, and introduced me to the wild culture of east coast mountain biking, often on frozen mud, sometimes half drunk, and occasionally wearing costumes.

Soupie now co-owns a top notch bike shop specializing in high-end bike repair and sales (though they can and will fix anything). He is the only person in the world I would trust with both my bicycle and my record collection, and while I won’t let him near my Spotify account (those algorithms are finely tuned!) I do think he has decent taste in music.

If you need your bike fixed and you are within 50 miles of West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, stop by Steady State Cycles. If you need something to wake you up from this rainy lull of East Coast October, check out his jammer of a playlist.

It should also be noted that the first playlist he made was a total early 2000s punk rager, but I made him do it over because there were too many clearly pronounced swear words (which is funny because none of the other words were intelligible).