Mixtape Monday Vol.5


As we flip our calendars to August, it’s time for Vol.5 of the Dirt Rag Monday Mixtape. This month, we let our Operations Manager/ CFO Scott Williams take control of the soundboard:

It’s been quite some time since I actually created a playlist. Particularly one which was limited to that hour and a half mark. I will flat-out and say that this was far more difficult than I had thought it would be when I offered to make a list. How does one limit it to mere 20-odd songs? I love music, I dig everything from Frank Sinatra to The Vitamin String Quartet to Kanye. It all has its place in my world. Well, except pop-country. I can’t quite seem to get along with that genre. There are simply too many awesome tunes to pick from, so I picked and pulled a few of the favorites that have gotten me through some late work nights, eyeballs deep in Excel files, hill repeats in the dead night of a Pennsylvania winter, or simply connected me back to my adolescence of doing dumb shit with my friends.

In the digital age, the art of the mixtape is one that has taken the backseat to iPod shuffles and streaming apps’ automated playlists. We here at Dirt Rag appreciate a good mix created by real people that convey a feeling and a bit of personality. Please check out the playlist here, or use the scroller below.