Maneha 250 event blends gravel, bikepacking and supported tour

It strikes me as a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg scenario as cyclists are taking their bikes to places they’ve never been, and new bike designs are allowing them to push them even further. That trend extends to events as well, and the Maneha 250 is an epic two-day bikepacking ride with a unique twist: a fully supported overnight stop.


Starting at Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington Massachusetts, the route heads 125 miles to Midway Campsite in New Hampshire, staying overnight, and then rolls back on a different route. In all it totals about 16,000 feet of climbing.

Hosted by Overland Base Camp on May 9 and 10, the ride will traverse everything from paved roads to primitive goat trails. “The best rides are often the ones that push you past what you thought was possible,” said organizer Rob Vandermark. But the hard work has a payoff: “The best part is riding into the camp at night. The feel of accomplishment mixed with great food and sharing the stories from everyone’s ride is so much fun,”


There are several options for participating, from carrying your own gear to having it shuttled by Overland Base Camp. Riders can also choose the one-way, 125-mile ride.

Sounds like an awesome experience and I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes.