Jon Heim details another new 2D suspension platform

A while back we brought you news of Bicycle Fabrications and its work with engineer Jon Heim on a new, two-dimensional suspension linkage for downhill bikes that allows for a small amount of rearward wheel travel. (Watch our interview with Bicycle Fabrications’ Hank Matheson about the bike here.

The new linkage is completely different from the Candyman bike, but it serves roughly the same purpose and fits into the same package. It is also covered by patent. Heim says it was inspired by the motor mounts on his turbodiesel VW Rabbit! 

The swingarm pivot is suspended in a polyurethane donut housed in the frame, allowing about 13mm of independant horizontal travel. The donut acts as a linear bearing as well as a spring and damper unit. 

Heim says he jokingly calls it the MissingLink, since it eliminates the eccentric disc link and is simpler than the Candyman’s linkage. It has slightly less travel, as well, clocking in at 8.7-inches versus 9.4-inches. It is still in the experimental phase, he said, while the Candyman is ready for production.