Inside Line: 2016 Fox Float 34 Fork for 27.5+ Tires

Fox kicks off the 2016 product news with an announcement that may signal widespread industry acceptance of the plus size tire as something more than an oddity: A Fox Factory 34 fork for 27.5+ tires.

34 27.5 Full big

Fox claims plenty of clearance for tires up to 27.5 x 3.25, travel from 110 mm to 150 mm, 51 mm offset, and the new 110 x 15 axle standard. Much like the rear Boost 148 axle released last year on Trek’s new Fuel EX and Remedy trail bikes, the wider hub spacing will create a stronger wheel due to less offset and increased spoke bracing angle. It does make one wonder why anyone  bothered with 100 x 15 anyway, since the 110 x 20 axle standard was pretty well established. Oh well.

34 27.5 hub

Also new is the latest FIT4 damping cartridge and a revised FLOAT air spring. RockShox has been bringing the heat with the new Charger damper in the media-darling Pike fork, we’ll see how the new spring and damper measure up as soon as we can get out hands on one.

Just to be clear, this is a specific chassis for 27.5+ wheels, it will not replace the standard 34. We don’t have prices or availability info yet, but this is a Factory level fork, so expect somewhere in the $1,000 range, and a spring-time release.

The question remains, which bike company had enough confidence in this wheel size to get this fork made? It is doubtful the Fox would develop this fork without at least one sizeable original equipment order. With travel up to 150 mm, will we see a 6 inch travel 27.5+ trail bike at Sea Otter next month? My guess is yes, and probably more than one.

While we wait for what the future holds, we are working on at 27.5+ project of our own, read about it here.

34 27.5