Hydro Flask: A look inside the insulated bottle company office and brand

Walking into the Hydro Flask office there are a few boxes lying about and a large amount of empty space seen throughout the building. It’s not just the open office environment that is creating this open feeling in the office, it’s that Hydro Flask moved into this new office just two years ago and it’s obvious they have been too busy to flesh out all the details of the space.

The office is full of smiling faces peeking out over short wall cubicles, dog buddies (each one needs to be pet), and each desk decorated with staff personality and uniqueness. There are several meeting rooms and quiet rooms for needed private time, a kitchen, bathrooms, cubbies and a shower. It is not just the bowl of FULL-SIZE CANDY BARS(!!!) at a sitting area that makes it obvious that Hydro Flask cares about having happy employees. It’s the smiles, the general stoke amongst the staff, and the overall vibe in the office.

The company was founded in 2009 and started selling its products at the Portland, Oregon Saturday Market. In typical start-up fashion, it was just a couple people in a booth selling insulated water receptacles every weekend. By 2011 they launched their first insulated growler at $44.95 and in 2015 they’re first True Pint, which is still a very popular product to date.

In a world full of disposable mentality, it’s refreshing to see a company design something that is meant to last a long time. But their bottles and containers have gained popularity for a number of reasons. Along with longevity, the double insulated wall is the core of their brand, cold is part of what Hydro Flask does. As someone who has used Hydro Flask products before, being able to maintain a cool or hot beverage throughout daily adventures is pretty great. One of my favorite attributes to double wall insulation is you can grab a cup with a steaming hot cup of coffee without scalding your hand like a single wall stainless steel cup. If you’ve never had that happen to you, from experience, it’s pretty darn painful and you may (or may not) feel kind dumb after you do it as I did.

Hydro Flask has seen growth through taking the time to talk and understand their fan base and works to maintain appeal to anyone who enjoys drinking beverages. With its color schemes, customization option with “My Hydro” plus a sleek and very appealing design it’s not surprising to see how a brand like Hydroflask could continue to expand its line of products into coolers. With approximately 100 products currently available (not including the color selection of each product) and a closed-off room in their office where peeking media are not allowed, it seems like Hydro Flask will be bringing more to the hydration-game and “keeping it cold” hopefully soon.

What do you think, are insulated beverages important to you? Let’s discuss in the comments below! Either way, stay hydrated out there people.