Get through the winter with Wahoo

There’s something admittedly dystopian about riding a trainer in the winter. Even if the weather is crappy, outside air feels better than a stuffy basement. Still, after enough times slamming your body down on ice or catching bronchitis from wet clothes and cold weather, it may be time to think about your life and the choices you make, and whether a blizzard is a perfect day to burn off that nervous energy outside— sometimes it is! Whether you are planning on riding inside playing bicycle video games with your Zwift buddies or exploring your local winter wonderland by getting semi-lost in the woods (just be sure to bring some whiskey, you know, for warmth), check out these Black Friday deals from Wahoo: This weekend, find deals on Kickr trainers, Elemnt computers, and Elemnt Bundles. On Monday, keep your eyes out for more (coming soon!).

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