Featured Ride: The Big Potato, Idaho

big potato 1

Those who live in the western Rockies (like our web editor) often hear whispers about Boise, Idaho, about how awesome it actually is despite not that many people thinking of it. Well, sorry for outing you, Boise, but take one look at MTB Project and it’s clear there are tons of trails in and near town.

Big Potato 2

Here we chose to feature just one of them, “The Big Potato.” This 41-mile ride samples only a handful of the trails in the foothills above town and provides plenty of solitude (as well as the need to be self-sufficient). You can choose your own adventure and adapt this big ride in many ways, or just follow the prescribed directions—most turns are well-marked.

big potato 3

Expect big views, big climbs and a variety of terrain, from feeling like you’re in the desert to pine trees and alpine landscapes. You’ll max out above 6,000 feet and dip to around 3,000 feet along the ride. Enjoy.

big potato 4

Photos courtesy of MTB Project. Visit the site for full ride details and options.