Featured Ride: Olleros Downhill near Lima, Peru

Olleros Downhill - Peru1

For this week’s Featured Ride, we’re taking you to Peru in the southern hemisphere. Though this might seem like a great winter destination, this ride is actually available during the local winter season, May to November.

Olleros Downhill - Peru3

This 33-mile shuttle ride descends from an elevation of 11,191 feet all the way down to the Pacific Ocean, gaining just 267 feet of elevation in the process. Sounds like a bucket list ride, to us! Take a look at the elevation profile.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.38.36 AM

Olleros Downhill - Peru2Expect mind-boggling vistas as you descend. The trail is steeper and more technical during the first third of the ride, then gradually mellows out from there on. A full suspension bike is a must.

You’ll need to secure a shuttle for this ride. Thankfully, there are several good tour company options in Lima. Plan for a big day in the saddle as most of the tour companies suggest an average time of 5 hours for the ride and 5-6 hours of total travel.

Here are a few of your options:

Be sure to plan ahead using MTB Project.

Photos courtesy of MTB Project.