Featured Ride: Darling Hill Loop at Kingdom Trails in Vermont

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Kingdom Trails is one of the premier mountain bike destinations on the east coast, if not the entire United States. Sure, it doesn’t have the epic scenery of Sedona or Moab, but the riding is world class and the quaint little town of Burke, Vermont is very welcoming to cyclists. Much of the area’s economic growth revolves around its status as a mountain bike destination.

Kingdom Trails 2

The 13-mile Darling Hill Loop is the perfect tour for folks who haven’t yet visited Kingdom Trails. This highlight-reel ride will be particularly scenic this time of year as the leaves begin to change.

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The Kingdom Trails Association (KTA) stewards the public and private land on which Kingdom Trails is built to provide summer and winter recreation as well as to conserve the area’s natural resources.

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For me, Kingdom Trails offers the perfect balance of technical and flow riding. There’s plenty of speed to be had and enough technical features to keep you on your toes.

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Kingdom Trails is a pay-to-play destination. The $15 day pass supports the KTA’s mission and helps fund trail building and maintenance.

A Kingdom Odyssey from T-Bar Films on Vimeo.

Dirt Rag Contributor Rob Whelan wrote about his trip to Kingdom Trails earlier this summer. Read his story here.

If you haven’t yet made the trip to Kingdom Trails, put it on your bucket list. And, be sure to sample the Darling Hill Loop while you’re there.

Scenic Photos courtesy of MTB Project.