Crankworx announces lineup for GoPro Dirt Diaries and Deep Summer Challenge


Summer is in full swing and that means it’s only a matter of time until we get to head north to the biggest of all mountain bike festivals in Whistler, B.C. Aside from the competitive riding there is some competitive creativity going on as well, with riders and photographers shooting to be the best in the GoPro Dirt Diaries and the Deep Summer Photo Challenge.

The participants have been announced for what will surely be another year of groundbreaking visual imagery.


GoPro Dirt Diaries

In its third year at Crankworx Whistler, the GoPro Dirt Diaries has put the creative and storytelling control in the hands of professional riders. Six mountain bike athletes, each varying widely in discipline, focus and background, have been chosen to compete in the video contest. The selected riders have been tasked with hand-picking their own teams and will be given seven weeks to create a 4-6 minute video that tells a story to be screened on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 in Whistler Olympic Plaza in front of a live audience.

Participating riders are: Wade Simmons, Claire Buchar, Ross Measures, Kirt Voreis, Andrew Taylor and Yannick Granieri. Teams assembled by each invited rider have already started filming. Submissions must be handed in on August 4 and will air in front of a crowd and an expert panel of judges at Whistler Olympic Plaza on August 12. Priority seating and close sightlines to giant HD screens will be on offer with a number of ticketed seats available for $5. Prize money will be handed out to teams for first, second and third place.

Check out the 2013 GoPro Dirt Diaries winning slideshow by Richie Schley and Leo Zuckerman.


Deep Summer Photo Challenge

The Deep Summer Photographer Challenge has invited five pro photographers from around the world, each of whom brings a unique and impressive mountain biking portfolio to the slideshow contest. This year’s lineup of photographers showcases talents from Italy, Germany, Australia, the United States and an up-and-coming photographer from Whistler, B.C. The Pinkbike Deep Summer Wildcard Search also begins this week, inviting another photographer to the event with the help of online voters.


The five pro photographers set to storm the Whistler Mountain Bike Park and create a slideshow to be shown on Wednesday, August 13, are:

The Deep Summer Photo Challenge will take place under the stars at the spectacular Whistler Olympic Plaza on August 13, 2014. Priority seating and close sightlines to giant HD screens will be on offer with a number of ticketed seats available for $5. The area beyond the ticketed seating will be available for spectators to take in the Deep Summer Photo Challenge free of charge.

The photographers will rally their chosen athlete teams to embark on three days of intense shooting and editing commencing Saturday, August 9. Slideshows will be handed in by the end of the day Tuesday, August 12. Then on Wednesday, August 13, a massive crowd will experience deep summer in Whistler through the lenses of six elite mountain bike photographers with first place taking home $5,000, second place $3,000, and third place $2,000.