2015 Sea Otter Tech Roundup – Part 2


Raleigh had a two new prototypes at the show, both still in unfinished matte carbon.


The Roker is a carbon fiber version of Raleigh’s well received Tamland and Willard gravel bikes. Expect the same geometry as the previous bikes, room for 40 mm tires, thru axles and three bottle mounts for those long dirt road excursions. Bikes my be ready as early as September, prices TBD.


The Skarn is a currently an aluminum-only model, but this carbon version should drop some weight from both the bike and your wallet. Geometry is the same as the aluminum version, with a carbon main frame and seat stays. Look to see this at dealers starting in August. Tattoos not included.




Known for its series of ergonomic saddles in many widths and sizes, SQlab also had some handlebars tucked away behind the dozens of saddles on display. Much like we all fit saddles differently, we also have the need for different bends and widths for handlebars to stay comfortable and in control.


The top two bars here are technically “city” bars, and are probably on the narrow side for mountain bikes. The bottom bar is a the 311 aluminum bar, 740 mm wide, 50 mm rise, 16 degrees back sweep, and 5 degrees upsweep. It also has 10 mm of what SQ Labs calls “stretch”. This is forward “sweep” to get the grip area in about the same place as a bar with less sweep. They’re $105 and you can buy it now on SQ Labs U.S. importer, RadSport.



Tepui Tents


I’ve always loved safari style tents that mount to the roof of your car (or more properly, a vintage Land Cruiser). I didn’t get a chance to bug the folks at Tepui for more than a few seconds, but I crawled up the ladder to check out the inside.


Models start at $820, including a built-in 2.5-inch memory foam mattress, and they go up to around $2,000. This looks like an interesting option to something like a pop-up camper, or traditional cabin tent.



Koski Cruiser

Don Koski is perhaps not as well known as some of the early mountain bike pioneers, but that doesn’t make his contributions any less important.


Don came by our booth with this beauty, his personal ride and a prototype of a bike he hopes to bring to production.


Based on modern parts, including 27.5 wheels, disc brakes, a tapered head tube and a PF30 bottom bracket, so the retro looks are backed up with modern performance. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it, with small details at every juncture.


In true retro style, the business card Don handed my doesn’t have a website on it, so stay tuned here for more info, as we hope to get a hold of one for review soon.




Yes, the Tepui tent is on a Land Cruiser, not a Land Rover. Though we think it would look equally dashing atop a Land Rover, especially one this this:


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