Another cool use for old bike wheels

Anyone who’s ever worked in bike salvage knows that bike junkyards are often flush with one particular component: wheels. (Crappy aluminum frames are often good dough at the scrapyard, so they get stripped and flipped. Why? Because of all the canned beer you drink, young cyclist. That’s what you’d call an efficient ecological loop!)

I’ve also noticed the proliferation of lawn mowers with bike-like wheels in the rear. Basically, this is an exaggerated form of the same impulse that causes people to go crazy for 29ers, and to make fun of folding bikes: Big wheels roll better than small wheels.



Why cousins shouldn’t marry.

So, in an effort to marry more bike wheels to vehicles that badly need them, allow me to point out the recycled “bicycle wheeled” grocery cart, courtesy of those hippies at Mother Earth news.


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