A throwdown to all unicyclists


The Icicle Bicycle Ride takes place each January 1 in Pittburgh — no matter what the weather brings, and no matter what cocktails were imbibed the night before.

Organizer Mark Yergin told the Pittburgh Tribune

It is a social ride, not a fitness ride, and Yergin said that participants can turn around and head back at any time. All bike types are welcome, and Yergin said he’s seen everything from road bikes to mountain bikes to recumbent bikes, and riders in all types of conditions, from the wide awake to those who are still recovering from the night before.

About the only thing he hasn’t seen, he said, is a unicycle.

I’m guessing this has not traditionally been a bar ride, if you know what I mean. Maybe an energy bar ride…

Photo: (cc) Creative Commons by Teppo, http://flickr.com/photos/teppo/


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