A Day at the Office


No, she’s not giving Roman the Heimlich Maneuver. Sometimes it’s just easier to put a T-shirt on an excited 9-month old, 65 pound Weimaraner puppy than it is to get him to pose for a photo, as Karen found out during the latest attempt to display our new Dirt Rag T-shirts.


It’s all fun though and once we resorted to bribery with a treat, Roman settled into a comfortable position and focused on the snack. Please excuse the drool. The “Squid” is much cooler as Karen pointed out to me, when I told her that Roman would freak out when I attempted to put various jackets and sweaters on him through the winter. And I guess she’s right, that is one cool T-shirt that he doesn’t mind wearing.
Both the navy “Light Bulb” and the chocolate “Squid on a Bike” T-shirts are available in men’s and women’s cut. We’ve yet to come up with a canine specific cut, but a men’s medium seems to work out alright, as long as it doesn’t touch his stub of a tail. These two new styles are available in the Dirt Rag website’s Merch area. I took the one that has a little dog hair on the inside, but if requested we can get some for yours too. –Shannon.


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