4th Annual Crush the Commonwealth

It is hard for me to believe it is time for this event again. I’ve been putting on a self-supported 400 mile ride/race/challenge/event across Pennsylvania since 2006. In alternating years the start is in either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia and the route meanders its way across the state using part of PA DOT Bicycle Route S, the Allegheny Passage and the Schuylkill River Trail. This year it will be starting at Point State Park in Pittsburgh and ending at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. It is a race in the key of NO:

NO entry fee
NO registration
NO course markings
NO checkpoints
NO support
NO prizes

Keeps it simple for me to organize and keeps the riff-raff out. Bring it with you or procure it on the way. No drop bags, no support vehicles. Hope you like gas station food.

Rainy morning start:

Photo: Max Steinbrenner

Start date is May 8th, 5am. website: ctcpa.blogspot.com

Lots of pretty roads out there in PA:
Photo: Rob Lochner

Some previous words about it:

From Carol, Co-conspirator in year one, a big part of why this event happened, did not ride due to injury:

From Michael, first year finisher, pre-race jitters:

Print coverage of 2007 race (scroll down for CTC content):

Part one of 2008 race, still haven’t finished part 2:

The record stands at 45 hours and 43 minutes, word on the street is multiple riders gunning for 36 hours. The west to east route is easier, mostly due to a prevailing tailwind. Should be interesting to say the least.

Me, somewhere between mile 200 and 300 and probably somewhere around hour 30 of riding. dsc04758.JPG
Photo: Max Steinbrenner

Miles of farmland and rain:
Photo: Max Steinbrenner

Still want to read more?

Old website: pittsburghpedalpushers.blogspot.com

fxdwheel: http://lockringnotincluded.blogspot.com/search/label/crush%20the%20commonwealth


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