45NRTH launches website tracking groomed fat bike trails


Riding fat bikes in the snow isn’t as simple as many folks might believe. Just like skiing, different conditions can make for vastly different experiences, as anyone who has pushed their bike while post-holing through deep snow can tell you.

45NRTH is hoping to help, with a new website called Ride Groomed that tracks trail networks that have begun grooming their snow-covered trails with machines, similar to what you’d see in cross-country skiing. The result is a hard-packed trail that can be as fun, or even more fun than riding in the summer. The site is designed to show riders where to ride and how to support the trail building and trail maintenance efforts.


It means riding with only the moonlight reflecting off the bright white ground illuminating your way. It means experiencing new feelings and sensations that you’ve never felt while riding—that of flying or floating, while questioning whether your wheels are even touching the ground.

Fat bike riders also love to ride in groups, and races are popping up left and right, so there is a section of the site dedicated to events. You can also purchase #ridegroomed hats and t-shirts with all the proceeds going towards building and supporting groomed winter singletrack.



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