2012 gift guide and staff picks – Shannon’s picks

By the Dirt Rag staff

This is our first attempt at a holiday gift guide, and, in typical Dirt Rag fashion, we had to do it our way. We’ll share a dirty little secret with you: most magazines’ gift/buyer’s guides are not created based on the recommendations of riders, but by the wants and desires of advertisers.

That’s not how we roll. Instead, we asked each staffer to select two items that they had experience with and would wholeheartedly recommend to fellow a mountain biker. Real riders, honest recommendations, realistic prices—the way it should be.

Each day for the next two weeks we’ll be sharing a different staffer’s choices for their favorite gear of the year. Today’s picks are from Operations Manager Shannon Mominee. 

WTB Laser V Team saddle – $130

This has been my go to saddle for the past 10+ years. At 148mm wide by 265mm long, it supports my body comfortably. It’s made from leather and synthetic material and has titanium rails. I use the Laser V Team on my mountain and cross bike and a cheaper version with the same shape, the Speed V, on my commuter, but honestly the Speed V wears out quickly, whereas the Laser V Team provides years of comfort and is worth the extra $60. 

Adidas Evil Eye Pro – $175

These glasses are the only glasses that stick to my face no matter how rough the terrain. They’re available in a half or full frame in two sizes. The nosepiece and hinges are adjustable and the coverage is awesome; rarely does debris get into my eyes. The optically correct, interchangeable lenses are distortion-free, but RX inserts are available. The Evil Eyes fit well with every helmet I’ve used. Definitely worth the price.

Lupine Piko 3 – $330

This is the helmet light I reach for first. It puts out a bright 750 lumens and the aluminum lamp weighs 55g. This tiny 24mm x 32mm package can hardly be felt on a helmet. If you use an Uvex Supersonic LX helmet, the lamp mounts directly with no straps required and the battery slides onto the back of the helmet. At full power there’s 2 hours of burn time and the lower three settings stretch the rechargeable lithium-ion battery life up to 40 hours. Recharge time is 3 hours. What I love most is even if the unit sits for a month, I know the battery is still holding the charge and is ready to ride. 


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