2008 Fuel EX9: Size Matters!

In my previous post I talked about the fact that Trek offers the Fuel EX lineup two different "medium" sizes, and how I’ve always been a bit of a tweener—able to ride either a medium or a large bike, but often feeling that neither size fit me perfectly. The more I ride this (18.5") bike, the happier I am that larger Trek offer it in "multiple medium" sizing. The 18.5" bike fits me like a dream.

I asked Trek why they decided to offer the multiple medium sizes, and if that policy might be extended to other models. Here’s what Michael Browne, Trek’s Mountain Bike Brand Manager, had to say:

We saw a need and filled it. The 17.5and 19.5 are our most popular sizes, but we continued to hear from dealers and consumers that either one was too small or too large for many people. So, we decided to make one that was just right.

It’s been received incredibly well, and riders can expect this new size to expand throughout most parts of our bike lineup as we move forward.

Bonus picture of what my actual test bike looks like in full battle regalia, including a bit of Western Pennsylvania trail splatter:

full battle ragalia


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